A positive start

The Property Council today acknowledged the State Labor Party's efforts in the preparation of an Economic Direction Statement.

Tasmanian Division President, Mat Clark said that it was a positive step to have a document to consider as the State Election approaches.

"Labor's Economic Direction Statement is a substantial suite of alternative policies.

"We are pleased to note that the State Opposition has promised to retain the payroll tax rebates and exemptions as proposed by the State Government," he said.

Executive Director Brian Wightman applauded both the Government and the Opposition for a focus on improving water and sewerage services across Tasmania.

"Water and sewerage infrastructure improvement should be viewed as a job enabler and  a job creator into the future.

"It is pleasing that both major political parties have heeded our advocacy efforts and developed plans to fix what is a major infrastructure headache.

"However, we encourage the Labor Party to consider innovative solutions to solve the intricate spider web of infrastructure deficiencies, rather than simply ripping it up," he said.

The Tasmanian Division also noted the proposed replacement of the Coordinator General's Office with a Regional Development Unit.

"Without detail, it is difficult to understand how the proposed office would operate differently.

"The 'big end of town' as described in the Labor Statement being catered for by the Coordinator General's office is unsubstantiated.  It should be remembered, investment and development creates jobs for all Tasmanians," Mr Clark said.

Mr Clark offered that the Property Council of Australia looked forward to receiving more detail regarding the commitment of $0.22 million for Public Planning and Tribunal Resourcing.

Media contact:  Brian Wightman |E [email protected]