Welcome recognition of sector’s importance

The Property Council of Australia today welcomed the appointment of Adam Brooks MP to the newly created portfolio of Building and Construction.

The property and construction industry directly employs nearly 14,000 Tasmanians, is the state’s largest single contributor to gross state product at 7.8 per cent, and pays over $927 million in property-specific state and local taxes.

Executive Director Brian Wightman said that the Property Council was extremely pleased the State Government had thrown its support behind the building and construction sector.

“Property, including building and construction is driving an economic resurgence in Tasmania.  Mr Brooks should be congratulated on his appointment and we look forward to forming a productive relationship.

“Tasmania is at a unique point in its history with significant prospects to generate local economic activity through capitalising on the opportunities which have presented.  It is now a time for boldness and leadership which breathes oxygen back into a recovering state.  The Property Council is adamant that Tasmania must continue to run hard and fast in an effort to drive economic growth,” he said.

The Property Council acknowledged the appointment of a minister with significant understanding of the north and north west of Tasmania.

“The south of the state continues to prosper off the back of government infrastructure development, tourism, and hospitality and service provision.  The north and north west of the state must now be the central focus of decision makers in an effort to strengthen and drive a transitioning economy, with utility improvement and the University of Tasmania an ideal place to begin,” Mr Wightman said.

Mr Wightman encouraged Mr Brooks MP to continue the reforms already started by the State Government.

“The Property Council is clear in its view regarding the need to continue reforms such as the Tasmanian Planning Scheme, local government amalgamations, regulation reduction, and the review of the Building Regulatory Framework which should lead to enhanced opportunities that strengthen the state’s economy, he said. 

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