Housing affordability

Housing affordability remains an important, and achievable goal for many Tasmanians.

Property Council of Australia, Tasmanian Executive Director Brian Wightman said that it was essential the state continue to implement a suite of regulatory reforms which will lead to increased investment.

"The implementation of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme, a nation leading reform focused on delivering consistency and certainty remains essential.

"It is critical that the Tasmanian Planning Commission and the State Government support the work of the Planning Reform Taskforce by delivering these much-needed reforms on time," he said.

Mr Wightman also acknowledged State Government initiatives such as the First Home Builders Grant, building regulatory reform and a commitment to significantly reduce red and green tape.

"The First Home Builders Grant should be retained at the current rate of $20,000 or in fact increased to $30,000 beyond June 2017. 

"The State Government must also continue the work to reduce red and green tape with the recent improvements to the Building Act and Taswater’s Headworks Holiday examples of how to make it easier to invest," he said.

Mr Wightman said the state must strive to deliver economic growth through tacking much needed micro economic reform.

“Leadership must be shown by reinstating and resourcing a Review of State Taxation and directing it to examine property taxes as a central element of its investigation, specifically; stamp duty, land tax, developer charges, and fire services levies. 

"Tasmanians are displaying increased levels of confidence which, when coupled with reform measures that stimulate investment, will position our state as an island of opportunity," he said.