All Tasmanians must have clean drinking water

The Property Council of Australia today congratulated TasWater on it’s plan to provide safe and clean drinking water for all rate payers in Tasmania.

Executive Director Brian Wightman welcomed the decision

“It beggars belief that we are even having this debate.

“Surely the provision of clean drinking water is a right of all residents living in a first world country,” Mr Wightman said.

The Property Council also recognised the extent of investment dollars that would be required to make a difference.

“A bi-partisan approach involving all levels of government and all politicians would be most welcomed by Property Council members,” Mr Wightman said.

Mr Wightman encouraged the community to continue to lead the conversation about why we are faced with such significant water and sewerage infrastructure issues in Tasmania.

“TasWater has delivered transparency and accountability, highlighting the significant issues that we face as a community.

“We now understand the extent of the problem, and must remain resolute in our drive to expect significant improvement,” Mr Wightman said.

Mr Wightman urged the local government sector to take responsibility for years of under investment.

“The creation of TasWater was as a result of failing council assets which struggled to provide the most basic of service provision for residents.

“Instead of looking to shift blame, the local government sector should acknowledge the legacy of their leadership.

“Tasmania’s clean and beautiful image will be put at risk if we as a community don’t demand that the issues we face be sorted sooner rather than later,” he said.

Media contact: Brian Wightman | [email protected]