Steve Maras steps down as State President

After five years as the President of the South Australian division of the Property Council, Steve Maras has officially stepped down.

Throughout Steve’s time as President he has played an instrumental role in growing the property sector. 

He has made a tremendous contribution to the Property Council, aiding the delivery of excellent policy outcomes and powerful economic and community benefits.

As President, Steve played a leading role in shaping the Planning, Development & Infrastructure Bill in 2016 and made substantial contributions to tax and planning reforms.

Most recently, Steve’s leadership was fundamental in securing a historic reduction in land tax rates following the Property Council’s extensive land tax campaign. 

Without Steve’s guidance and wisdom in interpreting the impacts of aggregation on property owners, the campaign would not have had the same cut-through nor achieved the same outstanding results.  

The Property Council of Australia would like to thank Steve for his herculean efforts and contribution to the Property Council throughout his time as President.

Steve will continue to serve on the Property Council’s SA Division Council as Immediate-Past President and will no doubt continue to be a fixture at events.