The past six weeks (give or take) have quite clearly been a very weird time for us all, and in particular for businesses who have continued to take on new staff. 

Over this time we have been continuing conversations with our clients around the impact that COVID-19 is having on their business activity and whether or not it has affected their ability to hire new employees. We have been encouraging them to look at the positives of continuing a recruitment process and to remain optimistic, prepared and confident rather than stopping business.  

We spoke with a couple of candidates who have recently started in a new role with a new business whilst in isolation. We chatted to them about the onboarding process in commencing a role in a time like this, as well as what was done to ensure the transition was as smooth as possible. 

All candidates agreed that this has been a very different experience, and rightly so! With inductions taking place online, the onboarding process for candidates was described as a positive one, considering the circumstances. Zoom has been a lifesaver! Several video meetings and phone calls throughout the day have helped new staff to feel welcome and part of their new team. One Site Manager explained that "the first two weeks were planned out and a calendar indicating all meetings and introductions were set out as well as what documents were required to read, which allowed me to discover the folder systems and what was filed where." Each employer had put in place the relevant plans to ensure their new staff felt comfortable and confident.

So, if you are wondering how you can keep the hiring process going in a time where we are all so uncertain and unsure, here are some tips! 

  • Interview candidates who you actually see having a future in your business -  use Zoom! You may not have a spot for them right now, but trust me, good candidates get snapped up quickly.
  • If you love a candidate, provide them an offer and give them a start date - this may be TBC, but try and give them a bit of clarity around when you will be ready to take them onboard. Times are tough currently, but this shows your commitment to the candidate. 
  • You can still get them involved in team activities from now and when you plan to take them on board. Friday virtual team drinks? Invite them to join! This is also a great way to determine culture fit. 


I know I keep saying it, but this WILL pass! And I want more than anything for you to be ready for when it does. The thought of hiring someone right now might be daunting but think about these tips and consider getting your foot in the door for when life goes back to our idea of "normal". 


Date published: 29/04/2020