Future Proofing South Australia

The Property Council has today released a platform document, Future Proofing South Australia, that seeks to stimulate public debate around the current and historic performance of the South Australian economy.

This discussion paper highlights the need for change and potential policy interventions which might have a positive impact on South Australia’s economic future.

It benchmarks South Australia’s historic economic performance through analysing our state’s performance against that of other Australian jurisdictions across a number of key economic indicators. The paper then explores an ‘alternative high growth path’ future scenario, briefly outlining what the state could look like in the future if South Australia was to achieve the same share of Australian GDP as it did in 2002, over 15 years ago. Lastly, the paper discusses a range of policy levers that could be implemented to promote growth in the South Australian economy.

The report has been released in time to allow the Government and Opposition to consider the solutions proposed by industry prior to the next election. A more concise pre-election ‘wish list’ will be released in the lead-up to March 2018.

“We are proud to take the lead in this important policy area, to make the data and story of South Australia’s economic performance more accessible, and to bring to the fore new ideas and policy options that – if implemented - could have a positive impact on our state now and into the future,” said SA Executive Director Daniel Gannon.

“The Property Council believes there is a future for South Australia. Our sector has a long term commitment to investment in this state, to creating new jobs and changing our built landscape through clever and innovative development.”

“Our economy is in transition, and that means it is time to lead.”