Property Council welcomes announcement of Growth Areas Delivery Team

The Property Council of Australia welcomes the announcement today of a new Growth Areas Delivery Team by the State Government to tackle South-East Queensland’s population boom and land supply issue.  

The Executive Director of the Property Council in Queensland, Chris Mountford said it was pleasing to see action being taken on the issue, to mitigate the risk of a Sydney or Melbourne style property squeeze and affordability crisis occurring in Queensland.

“The migration data is telling us that people from down south are moving to Queensland in droves, and every day we are seeing media stories about the challenge people are having finding houses to buy or rent in the region,” Mr Mountford said.

“And now with an Olympics on the horizon, we can only expect that rate of growth and demand for housing to accelerate over the coming decade.

“So now is the time to act and reframe and reset our approach to planning for new housing, to be better prepared for the population growth ahead.

“With 70% of our population base situated in South-East Queensland, we need to be equipped to take advantage of the positive economic benefits that population growth brings,” Mr Mountford said.

“We have long called for action on a number of challenges that impede timely housing supply. So, it is pleasing to see the government putting the firepower of the Economic Development Queensland Act to tackle these challenges.

“While tackling some of the planning barriers is an important part of the conversation, the Property Council is urging the State Government to ensure that it funds and supports delivery of infrastructure to support the additional growth.

“It is important that while we ensure people have an affordable roof over their head, it is paramount that it’s backed up by infrastructure required.

“We look forward to working in partnership with the State Government on behalf of our members who will be a key part in delivering many of the 794,000 new homes required.   

“Today’s announcement is a big step in the right direction, and we look forward to further consulting with State Government,” Mr Mountford said.