Olympics an opportunity to catalyse two decades of investment in SEQ

The Property Council of Australia welcomes the International Olympic Committee’s announcement that Brisbane is the preferred host of the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Summer Games.  

The Executive Director of the Property Council in Queensland, Chris Mountford said hosting the Olympics provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turbocharge public and private investment in the infrastructure needed for our growing region.

“Hosting the Olympics provides the impetus and global platform for South East Queensland to go to the next level in terms of major infrastructure and public realm investments,” Mr Mountford said. 

“Done right, the Olympics will be a catalyst for improving the region’s connectivity, livability and prosperity over the next two decades. 

“A critical next step in leveraging this opportunity is pushing ahead with the SEQ City Deal. Finalising the City Deal will strengthen our position to host the Games and expedite our post-COVID-19 economic recovery. 

“Along with facilitating investment in catalytic infrastructure, hosting the Olympics will showcase our region to the world, and inspire confidence in the private sector to invest alongside government.

“Queensland is already well-placed to capitalize on its success in its handling of the pandemic, and the Olympic spotlight will only accelerate the growth trajectory of the region. 

“With 11 years to go, it is imperative we use this opportunity to align the policy settings with our ambitions of being an Olympic region. We need to ensure our planning, tax and infrastructure settings are geared to the accelerated growth the Olympics will bring, and are investment friendly to leverage the benefit of the global profile. 

“Pursuing an SEQ Olympics has always been a bold proposition. Now it must be matched by some bold policy making to ensure we get bang for buck.   

“Congratulations must go to the representatives from all three levels of government who have methodically pursued this opportunity over the past 6 years to get it to this point,” Mr Mountford said.