Industry welcomes Brisbane City Council Livable Housing incentives

The Property Council has welcomed a new incentive package from Brisbane City Council Budget aimed at encouraging the delivery of ‘livable housing’.

“This an important step from Council to support residents and making our city an even better place to live,” Property Council Queensland Executive Director, Chris Mountford, said.

Following extensive consultation with the Property Council, Brisbane City Council has announced the introduction of a 33% infrastructure charges rebate for developers who build properties to a ‘universal housing’ gold or platinum standard.*

“This will provide purpose-built housing for those with a disability, and will assist those seeking funding under the Specialist Disability Accommodation through the NDIS,” Mr Mountford said.

“Through this initiative Council is looking to harness the power of the private sector to deliver great housing outcomes.”

“The beauty of this package is that it not only provides an incentive, but also will help lift public and industry understanding about the importance of livable design.”

*Livable (or Universal) Housing Design is a set of key construction features which aim to make homes easier and safer to use for all occupants including: people with disability, ageing Australians, people with temporary injuries, and families with young children. A livable home is designed to be easy to enter, easy to move around in, and be capable of cost-effective adaptation.