Brisbane’s Future Blueprint charter

The following comments in response to Brisbane City Council’s Future Blueprint charter can be attributed to Chris Mountford, Property Council Queensland Executive Director: 

“While Brisbane’s Future Blueprint highlights some positive initiatives aimed at maintaining our enviable lifestyle, it also introduces concerning restrictions that will make it harder to provide housing choice for a growing population.” 

“Appropriate infill development will be required to meet Brisbane’s future housing needs and keep Brisbane an affordable place to live.” 

“We will need more of all types of housing – from studio apartments to traditional housing, and every housing type in between, if we want to avoid following Sydney’s path to eyewatering levels of unaffordability.” 

“The property industry is therefore concerned about aspects of the new ‘charter’ aimed at stopping forms of development like townhouses, or placing further regulatory hurdles under the auspices of ‘better design’.” 

“These proposals require further consideration to ensure they do not become a barrier to providing diverse, affordable housing options into the future across the city.” 

“The plan is also missing a key growth management ingredient. There is not enough detail on how infrastructure will be delivered in line with a growing population."  

“The reality is that growth is inevitable. Good growth requires us to link infrastructure delivery to land use planning outcomes.” 

“World renowned expert on cities, Professor Greg Clark, recently highlighted the need for a better link between growth and infrastructure delivery in Australian cities when he called for the introduction of ‘Infrastructure and Growth Compacts’." 

“Compacts such as these would be a valuable addition to the policy toolkit in Brisbane, and across Queensland more broadly."  

“It is important to acknowledge that the Brisbane today has been created through successfully accommodating high levels of population growth over many years, and as a community we have all benefited from this growth.” 

“Whether it is rejuvenating our neighbourhoods, delivering new green spaces, creating more things to see and do, or delivering a diverse range of housing types, the property industry has a role to play in delivering on the outcomes of the Brisbane’s Future Blueprint. 

“The Property Council acknowledges that the Blueprint identifies the need for more engagement with key stakeholders, and we look forward to working with Brisbane City Council going forward."