SEQ Regional Plan Consultation

A community-orientated consultation website has been launched by the Queensland Government to guide the development of a revised South East Queensland Regional Plan (SEQRP).

The “Shaping SEQ” website provides an overview of the role of regional planning and the themes the Government is looking to incorporate into the revised plan. The website polls popular attitudes towards key questions and provides users with the opportunity to post, and vote on, ideas and suggestions.

While this website is firmly aimed at the wider community, Property Council members may wish to contribute to this online conversation on SEQ’s future growth.

The Government is working towards releasing the draft SEQRP for public consultation in October 2016, with the revised plan to be finalised by June 2017.

The Property Council remains actively engaged with the Government and the SEQRP revision project team to ensure that the revised plan achieves the outcomes required to adequately cater for future growth.

As the Government begins this consultation, the Property Council will host an industry breakfast on 24 June with former Vancouver Chief Planner and global thought-leader on urban planning, Brent Toderian, on the lessons for SEQ from world’s best practice.