Industry welcomes Carseldine transformation 

The Property Council of Australia has welcomed today’s announcement regarding the Queensland Government’s plans to transform the former Queensland University of Technology campus at Carseldine.  

Property Council Queensland Executive Director, Chris Mountford, said the industry is pleased to see the Queensland Government is moving quickly to implement its Advancing our cities and regions strategy. 

“As stated when the strategy was released last week, there is a lot of economic and community benefit in putting idle Government property holdings to better use,” Mr Mountford said. 

“With access to existing infrastructure and within walking distance of the Carseldine train station, it is great to see this well-serviced and currently underutilized site brought forward for development. 

“The development undertaken by the Queensland Government in the neighbouring Fitzgibbon Chase broke down many barriers to small lot housing and introduced new housing typologies to Queensland. 

“It is through the innovations trialed in Fitzgibbon that we have seen terrace and small lot housing, along with Fonzie flats and rear access laneways, become more acceptable to local governments across the state. 

“At a time when housing affordability is front of mind for many Queensland families, it makes sense to expand on the innovations of Fitzgibbon, and put surplus government land to work to provide housing and job opportunities for Queenslanders.