Industry Welcomes Pathway out of COVID-19

The Property Council of Australia has welcomed National Cabinet’s agreement of a four-phase pathway out of COVID-19 based on vaccination thresholds being met and other key settings. 

Property Council of Australia Chief Executive Ken Morrison said that the plan was an essential step in Australia’s progression towards reopening the country and revitalising the economy.

“The plan will provide vaccination thresholds that allow the easing of restrictions and lockdowns will only be triggered in extreme circumstances. This will encourage all Australians to be vaccinated as soon as possible and provide a greater sense of normality for the community”, Mr Morrison said.

“Having a National Cabinet endorsed framework for reopening is a welcome and significant step forward which will provide confidence to business and the community.”

However, the Property Council is disappointed that the plan includes a 50% reduction  in international arrival caps and repeated its calls to fix recent process errors surrounding hotel and arrival quarantine arrangements and to accelerate purpose-built quarantine facilities in all major processing states.

“The return of Australians overseas and the safe immigration of students and high-value workers is entirely possible if we get the front line vaccination improvements National Cabinet is promising, alongside a redoubling of efforts to bring forward the planned delivery of detached quarantine facilities”, Mr Morrison said.

“Students and skilled migrants are an essential part of our success and productivity as a nation. They add to jobs, tourism and overall economic activity.”

“Australia needs to bring our citizens home, safely ease skills shortages and engage with the world - lowering flight caps is a step away from those outcomes”, Mr Morrison concluded.

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