A Budget for hard hats and steel caps

The Property Council of Australia has described the State Budget as an infrastructure budget that will put hard hats and steel caps on workers now and into the future.

SA Executive Director of the Property Council Daniel Gannon said the State Government has adopted several key Property Council policy initiatives.

“The message coming out of this Budget is very clear – it’s about positive new infrastructure spending without punitive new taxes,” said Mr Gannon.

“This is an economic blueprint that will put hard hats and steel caps on workers now and into the future, helping to transform South Australia’s skyline.

“Schools, hospitals, housing, cultural and tourism facilities, community and sporting infrastructure are core features, providing a significant pipeline of work for tradies. 

“If you’re a chippie, sparkie, plumber, landscaper, architect, engineer or conveyancer, the$16.7 billion infrastructure investment made through this Budget is welcome news.

“If we implement this Budget properly, there’ll be hard hats and steel caps across the state and we’ll re-emerge with social infrastructure that attracts investment, people and world-leading activities.”

Mr Gannon said the state’s response to COVID-19 placed South Australia in a unique position. 

“South Australia is a ‘commercial stamp duty free zone’ and now boasts a more competitive land tax regime, which as a package is a compelling proposition for investors. When you add this to the resilience we’ve built throughout COVID, this spells opportunity. 

“South Australia’s response to COVID-19 has set national and global benchmarks and provided blueprints for other jurisdictions to implement. 

“We’ve created an environment that is becoming increasingly attractive to future residents and workers – including median house prices and commercial office rents – and it’s a ‘first mover’ advantage we need to capitalise on.”

Media contact:  Daniel Gannon | M 0421 374 363 |  E [email protected]