Helping senior Australians to make A Wise Move

Following an industry-wide effort to improve standards and provide residents with more peace of mind, Australia’s retirement living industry is launching a new campaign to highlight the benefits of living in retirement villages.

With work on the industry’s 8-Point Plan roadmap well underway, leading industry group, the Retirement Living Council, which is part of the Property Council of Australia, has today unveiled the “A Wise Move” campaign. 

The campaign will inform and educate potential residents and their families about all aspects of village life, from contracts and fee structures, to the proven health and lifestyle benefits of being part of a safe and secure community with help on hand when you need it.

“A Wise Move” draws on the experiences of retirement village residents who have overwhelmingly said they would have moved in earlier had they known what to expect, and especially how much more time they would have to spend with family and friends by not having to worry about maintaining a large family home.

Retirement Living Council Executive Director Ben Myers said the campaign was part of a suite of initiatives the industry is pursuing to raise awareness of the benefits and affordability of retirement living, as well as to improve standards and the overall experience for residents.

“The retirement living industry is working hard to listen to residents and is focused on ensuring that there is a much stronger focus on simplifying contracts and making retirement living as hassle free as possible," Mr Myers said.

“We want the experiences of residents in retirement villages to be the best experiences possible.

“This campaign is very much focused on increasing awareness and understanding of retirement living, so people can make an informed decision on what it’s all about and how it may help them.”

The “A Wise Move” campaign highlights the physical and mental health benefits of life in a retirement village, including access to a community, age-appropriate designed accommodation, on-site or visiting assistance options, and maintenance.

Advertisements are underpinned by a comprehensive new website and a downloadable publication that both contain detailed information on the most commonly sought after facts about retirement living.

“People said they wanted more information about contracts and the kinds of costs involved, so we are making that clear with this information,” Mr Myers said.

The Retirement Living Council represents about 40 per cent of the industry, from ASX-listed operators to not-for-profit organisations.

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