Response to Building Ministers’ Forum and Cladding

“This a complex issue that cuts across Commonwealth and State jurisdictions”, said Chris Mountford, spokesman for the Property Council of Australia.

“Our support for a ban on the use of 100% PE cladding is a reflection of industry sentiment towards the product, and a willingness to work with government in restoring public confidence. This offer still stands.

“As the best approach is always a national approach, we appreciate that all ministers have had to negotiate this outcome.

“Both the Commonwealth and the States recognise there is a problem with 100% PE cladding and issues relating to the supply chain.

“We are pleased that the Ministers’ expressed support for the Queensland model bill on non-conforming building products.

“At the industry’s end, there is support for government actions that stops the use of this potentially dangerous product, particularly as it relates to multi-story buildings.”

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