National Cities Performance Framework will strengthen cities policy

The release of the National Cities Performance Framework will result in the development of more credible, rigorous cities policy says the Property Council of Australia.

“This framework adds rigour to the debates that surround the changing nature of Australia’s cities”, said Property Council Chief Executive Ken Morrison.

“It shines a light on the different forces that are shaping our cities – from employment and congestion to connectedness and liveability.

“This is not a simplistic league table, it’s about better understanding the elements that create great cities and the challenges they face.

“What gets measured gets done – and this framework helps our policy makers measure the fundamentals in our cities.

“As the Productivity Commission recently pointed out, better functioning cities can provide a $29 billion increase in GDP. Our cities provide 80% per Australia’s GDP and our capital cities provide two-thirds of all employment and 80% of employment growth.

“The online portal is easy to navigate and will provide policy makers and the public with many of the materials needed to make better and more informed decisions.

“This Framework gives policy makers, the private sector and the public more insight into the performance of our cities.

“I congratulate Minister Taylor for bringing this work to fruition. This is a comprehensive initiative which will inform Federal, State and local policymakers. The Property Council is part of the Cities Reference Group which has informed this process.

“The big gap is the lack of data on housing supply which is a critical part of the housing affordability equation, and we again call on the Turnbull Government to reinstate the National Housing Supply Council to plug this gap.”

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