Interim National Cities Performance Framework is vital policy architecture

The release of the Interim Report on the National Cities Performance Framework is a positive step in the development of credible, rigorous cities policy says the Property Council of Australia.

“This framework brings some rigor to the question of whether our big and small cities are successful or not”, said Ken Morrison, Chief Executive of the Property Council of Australia.

“What gets measured gets done – and this framework will assist policy makers in our big cities as well as our smaller cities and regional centres.

“Our cities are growing because they are magnets for skills, jobs and investment and we have to plan for that growth.

“The economic and social ecosystems of our cities need not be haphazard. We can plan not just for the placement of roads and infrastructure, but also for the vital building blocks that lift private sector investment, create long-term jobs, and improve skills, health, liveability and the environment.

“Minister Taylor is going about this the right way. Through the Cities Reference Group, which the Property Council is part of, the Minister has brought together a broad coalition of groups, to provide advice on the policy directions needed.

“The Interim Report provides for further public comment on what measures should be included in the final National Cities Performance Framework.

“We believe there is one area of potential improvement for the Interim Framework and that relates to housing affordability and the ability to properly assess housing supply.

“The big gap is the lack of data on housing supply which is a critical part of the housing affordability equation, and we again call on the Turnbull Government to reinstate the National Housing Supply Council to plug this gap.”

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