Industry Welcomes Launch of New Carbon Offset Standards for Buildings and Precincts

The launch by the Minister for the Environment and Energy of new voluntary industry standards to manage greenhouse emissions is a positive step towards measuring, reducing, offsetting, and reporting emissions according to the Property Council of Australia.

“These new standards for buildings and precincts are the result of a genuine partnership between industry, the Federal Government and the NSW Government”, said Ken Morrison, Chief Executive of the Property Council of Australia.

“Contributing 23% of all our national emissions, the built environment offers enormous opportunities for Australia to make progress in meeting our international obligations and reducing emissions.

“Not only can we reduce emissions but during a time of great pressure on the electricity grid, we can also take some pressure off the grid through initiatives like energy efficiency and onsite renewable energy generation.

“Many of our members have committed to their own ambitious emissions reduction targets, aiming for net zero emissions well before 2050. It’s great to see these standards embedded in already widely used tools like NABERS and Green Star.

“For government, the built environment is also an area where progress on emissions is less contentious than almost any other area of energy policy. In part, this is due to the responsible position of the industry to the long-term challenge of climate change.

“The standards offer a pathway for property owners to make carbon neutral claims for their buildings and precincts. The good news for businesses is that those certified against the Standard can use the certification trade mark to showcase their achievement.”

Media contact:  Paul Ritchie |  E [email protected]