Tasmania’s confidence “off the charts”

The leading measure of confidence for the property industry, the ANZ/Property Council Survey, has delivered sensational results for Tasmania revealing extremely high levels of business confidence.

Results for the March 2016 quarter released today had Tasmania on 158 points, significantly higher than the national average of 131.

Executive Director Brian Wightman acknowledged that Property Council members continued to feel consistently buoyant about the opportunities presented in the state.

"Tasmania’s property industry is now the most confident in Australia, well ahead of the national average.

"The shift in sentiment from 142 points last quarter to 158 points in the March 2016 quarter is significant, confirming the view across the industry that it’s a great time to invest in Tasmania,” Mr Wightman said.

The Property Council acknowledged the recent reforms of the state government including the passing of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme through both Houses of State Parliament.

However, they also encouraged the State Government to continue to deliver proactive leadership through focussing on facilitating the University of Tasmania’s move from Newnham to the Inveresk Campus in Northern Tasmania, and by finally tackling local government reform head-on.

“The Tasmanian property community is extremely confident, the Tasmanian people want reform and the Property Council strongly urges the state government to follow the lead of Premier Mike Baird in NSW and force council amalgamations.

“Forward work schedule, staffing level and state economic growth expectations have increased significantly which presents an opportunity for the government to lead the community towards a more efficient, effective and expertly governed local government sector.

“The state government has the opportunity to set Tasmania up for a generation and it’s the perfect time to finally get it done.

“Council amalgamations including the glaring self-interest of stakeholders must be tackled as a matter of priority,” Mr Wightman said.

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