Property Council urges Senate to pass ABCC legislation

The passage of a bill through the House of Representatives to restore the Australian Building Construction Commission is a positive step towards ending lawlessness and improving productivity in the construction sector.

“This bill is a vital economic reform for Australia. It is critical to changing the culture in an industry critical to our national economy”, said Ken Morrison, Chief Executive of the Property Council of Australia.

“The sector needs a ‘tough cop on the beat’ that will tackle unlawful industrial action.  The ABCC needs to be re-established.

“Frankly, it’s no longer the 1970s and no industry should have to put up with the bullying, harassment and corruption that is prevalent in the construction sector.

“This reform acts on the clear findings of the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption.” 

Mr Morrison said that the ABCC is a proven economic reform and that last time it was in place, industrial action in the sector fell by half.

“Our members speak with one voice when they say this reform will make our workplaces safer and will provide an immediate boost to productivity.

“The time has come for the crossbenchers to judge this bill on its merits. If the Senate judges this bill accordingly then it should pass.

“We implore the Senate to support a proven reform that will make workplaces in our sector safer and more productive.” 

Media contact:  Paul Ritchie |  E [email protected]