Property Council appoints Byres as new Chief of Policy

The Property Council of Australia has appointed Glenn Byres to the new role of Chief of Policy and Housing as part of a refresh of its executive arrangements.

Glenn Byres has been the organisation’s NSW Executive Director since 2010 and will now manage the Property Council’s national advocacy team, working closely with Chief Executive Ken Morrison.

Mr Morrison said the new role would enable the Property Council to strengthen its voice on critical issues such as housing.

“Glenn has been tremendously successful in generating positive policy change in NSW and his appointment represents a substantial strengthening of our national advocacy team,” Mr Morrison said.

“Glenn was a leader in the campaign to secure asset recycling to fund NSW infrastructure, a strong advocate for local government reform and championed the case for a Greater Sydney Commission.

“This new role allows him to focus his experience on housing at a critical time in the sector’s importance to the economy.

“Glenn will work closely with our Residential Development Council group of industry leaders, and allow me to focus more on national tax reform, sustainability and cities policy.”

Mr Morrison said that as a consequence of this appointment, the Property Council was now discussing potential redeployment options with previous Residential Development Council Executive Director Nick Proud.

Mr Byres’ appointment was also accompanied by a number of other staffing changes designed to deepen executive governance, strengthen tax policy and deliver stronger member service outcomes.

Deputy Executive Director Felicity Wilson has been appointed Acting NSW Executive Director with recruitment for a permanent replacement commencing immediately.