The Property Council has welcomed today’s announcements by the Government and the Opposition to drive economic development in Western Sydney.

“The Government and the Opposition are offering two complementary visions for Western Sydney,” said Jane Fitzgerald, NSW Executive Director.

“This is a good day for Western Sydney – because both sides have put forward their plans to drive economic growth in Western Sydney.

“Both sides recognise that the building of a second airport in Sydney offers an opportunity to make Western Sydney the economic hub of Sydney.

“The Federal Government, in conjunction with the State Government, is committing to a City Deal for Western Sydney. The Federal Government recognises that Western Sydney will need an additional 178,000 new homes needed over the next 20 years as well as the creation of 200,000 new jobs within the region.

“The commitment to establish a Joint-Ministerial Council which includes local government will mean the region has a coherent, strategic plan for economic growth. This systematic approach to building a stronger economy in Western Sydney should be commended.

“We have long argued for UK-style City Deals because they can be a powerful framework to drive economic development in our cities.

Ms Fitzgerald said the Opposition has placed the new airport for Sydney at the heart of its infrastructure plans.

“The Opposition has committed $400 million for Western Sydney rail. The Opposition, subject to Infrastructure Australia signoff, wants to connect the North-West and South-West via the second Sydney Airport.

“We welcome the willingness of the Opposition to allow this proposal to be assessed by Infrastructure Australia. We agree with the Opposition that this proposal should be referred to Infrastructure Australia so that the proposal is subject to independent analysis.”