BCA report on major project approvals is a vital contribution to the infrastructure debate

A new report by the Business Council of Australia into streamlining major project approvals is a vital reminder to policy makers about the costs of unnecessary delays on major projects across Australia and the need to develop best-practice to get job creating projects moving.

“All too often major projects and developments are put at risk by unnecessary delays in government”, said Ken Morrison, Chief Executive of the Property Council of Australia.

“We know too many examples of projects that create jobs and that could make a meaningful difference to communities being caught in turf wars between government departments and agencies. The big picture is lost as multiple agencies look at projects through their myopic mandates.”

“The model proposed by the BCA is about delivering high standards and maintaining community consultation while at the same time removing unnecessary costs of duplication.

“The BCA have put forward a constructive model that should be considered as part of the next COAG deliberations in December.

“Delays in major projects mean delays in job creation and opportunities for international competitors to make better offers.

“If a project doesn’t cut it for environmental, heritage or planning reasons, let’s get a quick answer rather than years of delays that benefit no-one. Alternatively, if a project is a goer, let’s get it moving rather than risking its viability with bureaucratic obstacles.

Mr Morrison said the BCA’s work complimented the Property Council’s work on using competition payments to the states as a means of encouraging planning reform.

“There are simply too many regulatory impediments holding Australia back. We need urgent reform of planning regimes and the states should be incentivised to deliver these reforms”.

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