ABCC Bill: A vote for union lawlessness

The decision of the Senate to again block proposals to re-establish the Australian Building and Construction Commission is a deep disappointment to the property industry.

“This was a vote for lawlessness in the construction industry”, said Ken Morrison, Chief Executive of the Property Council.

“For all the talk of an economy in transition, the Senate is still acting like the boom is continuing. It’s not.

“Australia must pay close attention to productivity and reform, otherwise we will pay a high price in terms of living standards, jobs and our capacity as a country to pay our way.

“The construction sector is vital to our economy – yet we see two-thirds of all disputes in the construction sector.

“This loss means that the activities identified by the Royal Commission into Trade Unions will continue. Who will stop the misappropriation, secret payments, reprisals, bullying, under the table union payments, slush funds, false invoices and secrecy that was identified by the Royal Commission?

“This is deep disappointment to the property industry and for anyone who wants productivity growth in our country.”