Council digs into their back pockets

The Property Council welcomes the release of the City of Darwin’s 2019/20 Budget and Municipal Plan.

Property Council of Australia Executive Director Ruth Palmer said that the Council Budget and Municipal Plan show strong leadership and focus to some key priority initiatives that we have been calling for.

“The City of Darwin has realised that there needs to be more spend across infrastructure related projects by doubling their usual annual budget spend to over $53 million.

“It is great to see the beautification of Daly street a major part of the plan as it was a project that was identified in the Darwin City Centre Master Plan that was shelved.

“We have long advocated for the beautification of Daly Street as part of the beautification of our City entrances.

“Daly Street is not only a landmark point of arrival to the CBD but it is also strategically placed to integrate the CBD with the surrounding activity centres.

“We believe that if Darwin City MasterPlan was introduced into the NT Planning Scheme in 2015 and the 25 critical projects were undertaken as planned then we would not be having the discussions about the current state of Darwin’s Central Business District.

“City of Darwin have listened to our concerns and are committed to projects that the DCCMP and us have identified as priorities – Daly street being one.

“The City of Darwin’s 5 new key strategic pillars align with our core values and we welcome the boost to the LED Lighting and Community Art to create a safe and vibrant city.

“City of Darwin still has a way to go on achieving activation and revitalisation of Darwin’s CBD.

“Both the Community and Industry still desperately need City of Darwin to undertake meaningful reforms and develop new policy that would reflect Darwin as a capital city.

“The City of Darwin should be commended on this budget and their current and future direction of the city that they are now steering.”


Media contact: Ruth Palmer | E [email protected]