Proposal worthy of Merit and High Distinction

The Property Council welcomes the recent announcement of high-level discussions between the 
Northern Territory Government, City of Darwin and Charles Darwin University in establishing a CDU campus and student accommodation in Darwin city.

Property Council NT Executive Director Ruth Palmer said that the establishment of a university presence in the city is a major plank in any revitalisation strategy.

“Establishing university accommodation and campuses in a city’s CBD is strategy that is currently being pursued by a number of major regional areas, including Parramatta, Townsville and Launceston.

 “Our research study we undertook this year outlined the positive impact that Launceston and Newcastle had felt through having a CBD university presence.

“Both Newcastle and Launceston endured slowing economies and a growth in unemployment due to a reduction in industry and manufacturing in past years.

 "Both cities have also sought to address the issue of a slow economy through activating the CBD area, trying to make higher education more visible, more engaging and more attractive to the local community and businesses in the CBD.

 “The site currently being considered and discussed is the 11,000sqm City of Darwin owned open car park - Cavenagh Street and is truly a visionary and bold option that demonstrates a real commitment to a major university presence in the city now and into the future.

 “This is a true game changer if it proceeds for revitalising the city.

“If the Cavenagh location is proceeded with, the existing large bitumen open car park should be removed, which would greatly improve both the visual amenity and activation of the surrounding area.

“Another benefit would be the targeting and cooling of one of the largest, if not the largest, heat islands in the city.

“All of these benefits are key themes that underpin and support the concepts contained in the City Deals programme.

“However, with all projects, and especially visionary ones, will require real leadership and cooperation from the Vice Chancellor of Charles Darwin University, the Lord Mayor along with his Alderman of the City of Darwin and the Northern Territory Government to make it a reality.

 “The Property Council encourages all parties to rise to this rare occasion and to demonstrate their ability to produce what would be both a remarkable achievement and outcome. “


Contact:  Ruth Palmer  |  M  0450 428 314  |   E  [email protected]