2017 City of Darwin Election


The Property Council is hopeful that the upcoming City of Darwin election will produce a Council that will commit the necessary resources needed to revitalise Darwin City.

Property Council of Australia’s NT Executive Director Ruth Palmer said that with an annual income of close to $100 million dollars and assets of over $1.15 billion dollars, {2015/2016 Financial Statements} Alderman are in a unique position to assist in revitalising Darwin City.

“As part of our 2017 City of Darwin Campaign we canvassed all candidates on their views on matters effecting the revitalisation of Darwin City.  

“We wish to thank those candidates who spent the time answering our questionnaire and they are now on our Property Council website and via the survey link https://www.surveymonkey.net/results/SM-M7ZCNHZZ/ 

“With less than a week remaining before the election, it is fundamental that issues of critical importance; such as revitalising Darwin city, remain in focus and are debated by all candidates.

“The role of Councils has shifted from the provision of services to property such as the three R’s: Rates, Roads and Rubbish to the provision of services to people.   

“With this change, the key factor for future resource allocation and infrastructure spending needs to be where population growth will be, and is, at it’s highest.

“The recent 2016 Census provides an accurate picture of Darwin’s population base and growth over the last five years since the 2011 Census.

“The Darwin LGA (Local Government Area) over the five years from 2011 to 2016 increased by 8% (5,874) from 72,930 (2011) to 78,804 (2016).  

 “From the above 8% growth in the total population of Darwin LGA, 33% (1,919) was contributed solely by Darwin City.

 “Darwin City experienced growth over the same five years from 2011 to 2016 by 42% from 4,545 (2011) to 6,464 (2016).

“Darwin City has been under resourced by a number of recent past councils, with the exception of the recent last council where some momentum and action started to occur later in their term.    

“Any newly elected Council must continue the momentum and contribute the necessary resources to revitalise Darwin City.”   

 *Completed Candidate questionnaires attached*

Media contact:  Ruth Palmer  |  M  0450 428 314  |   E  rpalmer@propertycouncil.com.au