Planning Commission seeks comment on Dual Occupancy 

The Northern Territory Planning Commission has called for comment on its draft proposal for Dual Occupancy in Zone SD (Single Dwelling Residential).

The Property Council of Australia’s Director Northern Territory Ruth Palmer said that further work should be undertaken by the Planning Commission to determine the impact of this proposal.

“The Planning Commission needs to prepare a Master Plan and Infrastructure Plan before recommending that the Minister adopts this proposal.

“Further explanation and consultation with the community would then need to be considered.

“Dual occupancy has the potential for greater housing choices however; it is worthy of further investigation by the Commission.

"We strongly support infill development and acknowledge that dual occupancy can be a suitable means of achieving a greater number of homes in an established area. However, if this proposal is adopted, design controls should include appropriate setbacks, landscaping, parking requirements, infrastructure requirements, storm-water provision and the impact on amenity of adjoining properties.

“The proposed amendment to provide an exemption for dual occupancy developments from the standard 3 metre separation is not appropriate as it would clearly alter the existing SD character of the locality.

“We believe that reduced setbacks for dual occupancy are also not appropriate as it would alter the existing SD character; this is particularly relevant for setbacks from the front boundary.

“One of the major concerns that we do have is the capacity of existing infrastructure and the impact of dual occupancy developments on traffic and privacy.

“We know that the likely take up of dual occupancy would be gradual overtime, however there is still concern around the effect this will have on the existing character of a suburbs or locality.”

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