Government needs to listen

The Property Council of Australia NT Division is calling for the Northern Territory Government to further explore options for the consolidation of the NT Health staff.

Feedback we have received from the broader community suggests that there are more appropriate ways to invest. They would prefer to see the money invested into frontline health services instead of it being spent on higher commercial rental rates for new buildings, Property Council NT Director Ruth Palmer said.

 “The Government should be seeking more effective ways to use the funds so it can maintain the ability to meet health needs for Territorians.

 “The Government should be focusing its attention on the frontline before considering a move that would potentially cost Territorians millions of dollars.

“We have an abundance of usable vacant space already in the city; we don’t need to see another crane in the sky.

“A stimulus to the local economy can be gained through refurbishing existing buildings.

“We are simply asking for a short term deferment of the development until the local economy improves and the commercial market recovers.

“An additional 12,000sqm onto the market will crash the commercial stock into conditions not seen before in the Territory.

“No estimates have been put forward to quantify any savings that may be made through the proposed colocation of non-clinical staff.

“If there is a requirement to move existing staff, the government should be looking at incentives for business owners to refurbish their properties; they should not be looking to further deteriorate the market.

“The CBD needs to remain the primary employment and entertainment hub, if the government was to consider moving existing office tenancies from Darwin CBD to another location outside of the CBD in a new building, it will create further uncertainty and be a detriment to all business and retailers in the city.

Media contact:  Ruth Palmer  |  M  0450 428 314  |   E  [email protected]