Darwin’s Luxury Hotel gains momentum

The Northern Territory Government announced decisions on the proposed luxury hotel site and stated that they have taken Jervois Park off the table for the proposed luxury hotel in Darwin.

The Property Council of Australia NT Director Ruth Palmer said this is welcome news as the area had been earmarked for leisure and recreational purposes in the Darwin City Centre Master Plan.

“We are pleased that a portion of the Ex-Toga Waterfront site is now being considered as it had already been identified as a potential site for a hotel in the Darwin Waterfront Master Plan.

“The existing public open space – Jervois Park - that was identified in the Darwin City Centre Master Plan will not be affected by the potential development.

"We look forward to seeing how this potential development will integrate into the Darwin Waterfront precinct and help improve the connectivity of the Darwin Waterfront and the Darwin CBD.

“It is critical that the Northern Territory Government prepare a thorough, exhaustive Master Plan of the area to ensure that it is developed in a way that is integrated with the existing wharves, Waterfront development and the Darwin City Centre.

“There are clearly tourism related opportunities associated with the site and they should be thoroughly explored, however, it is still important to have a residential component to the future stages of the Waterfront.

“The development of a luxury hotel on this site should encourage tourism and commercial activity and encourage the further development of leisure and hospitality amenities that tourists and Territorians can enjoy.

Media contact: Ruth Palmer | M 0450 428 314 | E [email protected]