'Your City's Waiting For You' campaign set to bring back life to the CBD

The Property Council of Australia has partnered with the City of Sydney and other key industry groups on a return to CBD campaign to reinvigorate our cities, set to run across four weeks commencing Monday 28 February.

“Your city’s waiting for you” will be the invitation to all walks of life to rediscover their city and enjoy the amazing benefits of a CBD.

Property Council’s Executive Director Luke Achterstraat said the campaign envisions an explosion in a sea of people – workers, shoppers and diners – rediscovering the greatest city in the world.

“The campaign kick-off coincides with the lifting of the indoor mask mandates which have proved a barrier to encouraging workers to rediscover the benefits and joys of spending some time in the city and their offices,” Mr Achterstraat said. 

“Right across Sydney businesses, buildings and workplaces will rejoice in workers flooding through the doors again, celebrating with art displays, taco Tuesdays, competitions, discounted coffees and team events.

“After two years of COVID interruptions, there is now a renewed confidence and optimism ahead which will be amplified by the ‘Your city’s waiting for you’ campaign in the reactivation of our CBDs.

“The property industry has supported shops, cafes, restaurants and service providers across the city. This resilience will mean those venturing back into the city can enjoy all the amazing experiences the city has to offer.”

Mr Achterstraat said the property industry has banded together with local and state government and other business groups to ensure workers get to enjoy the best the city has to offer. 

“As workers return and make the commute back into the office they are greeted with a fabulous experience and reminded of the joys of in person coffee catch ups and collective team work on projects,” he said. 

“Business leaders, commercial building owners and local government have worked diligently to make our buildings, shops and streets safe places to enjoy. Enhanced cleaning, digital touch-free solutions and open spaces are all available to ensure everyone in the city remains as safe as possible.

“Many people still have discounts available in the form of dine, discover and stay vouchers. With the health orders and mask mandates lifting, now is the prime time to get out and explore the city once again.”

The Premier lifted the work from home mandate in advance of the 27 February, recognising the impact this was having on workers desire to connect with their colleagues and networks in person.

Media: Aidan Green | E: [email protected]