Property Council welcomes progress of sustainability improvements and renewed focus on housing supply

The Property Council of Australia has welcomed the NSW Government’s decision to progress with sensible improvements to the BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) system and its restated commitment to housing supply.

Mr Achterstraat said throughout a very long period of consultation, industry had remained clear in its commitment to deliver strong sustainability outcomes.

“We have always supported objectives to create great places and deliver good design outcomes which are essential to the long-term success and sustainable growth of our cities and regional areas,” Mr Achterstraat said.

“The Australian property industry leads the world in driving sustainable building design and operation and this is a key focus now and into the future.”

Mr Achterstraat said the property industry is a critical stakeholder on the journey to net zero and a sustainable future.

“We are particularly supportive of increasing standards for energy and thermal performance in alignment with the latest National Construction Code, the implementation of requirements for embodied carbon and driving for buildings to be net zero in operation.

“We encourage the NSW Government to deliver these common sense and widely supported initiatives.”

Mr Achterstraat said the planning system at large remained challenging for its users, as evidenced by multiple attempts to improve the rate of approvals and deliver new housing stock.

“In New South Wales, it takes some 200 days for a typical block of units to be approved, compared to some 100 days in Victoria and Queensland,” he said.

“With only 1 in 35 local councils in Greater Sydney on track to meet their housing targets, it is clear the system needs an overhaul.

“As a broader package, industry could not support the Draft Design and Place SEPP which was undercooked and poorly drafted despite being well-intentioned. No government analysis had been conducted on the impact the policy would have on housing affordability.

“The reform of our planning system will require ongoing collaboration between local and state government, industry and other stakeholders to create the jobs and homes the community desires.”

Media: Aidan Green | [email protected]