Property Council welcomes expanded construction hours

The Property Council of Australia has today welcomed the temporary extension to expand construction hours granted to permit work to continue on Saturdays and Sundays till March 31.

The Order permits construction and demolition work to be carried out on Saturdays from 8am to 5pm, with restrictions on noisy works that have not been approved under a development consent. Construction work on Sunday is limited to ‘quiet’ activities and cannot include demolition work.

Property Council’s NSW Executive Director Luke Achterstraat said this was a sensible measure that would assist the construction industry after the operational challenges faced by COVID in 2021.

“It is easy to forget the impact COVID had when sites were subjected to a snap shutdown in July 2021,” Mr Achterstraat said.

“The industry invested heavily into COVID-safe plans, including QR codes, spatial distancing and led an industry-based vaccine rollout to get sites working again.

“The temporary extension of construction hours during COVID shows us that construction can be undertaken during these times without concern, provided there are limitations on noisy activities.

“There is no reason why this couldn’t be made a permanent change,” he said.

Mr Achterstraat said the extension would increase productivity in the construction sector and allow projects to be delivered in a faster, more efficient manner, and called on the government to provide further confidence by extending the order beyond March.

“COVID has changed the way we think about policymaking and facilitated innovative solutions such as this extended work hours order. Removal of unnecessary red tape like this is critical to supporting the economy in our post-covid recovery phase,” he said.

“With a housing affordability crisis there has never been a more important time to build new homes and create jobs.

“Property and construction will lead the economic recovery, and it is only logical that work should occur on weekends like in retail and other sectors.”

Media:  Aidan Green | E [email protected]