Property Council welcomes 80 percent further freedoms


The Property Council of Australia has welcomed the beginning of further freedoms today as the NSW Government details reduced restrictions as a result of the state reaching 80 percent double dose vaccination. 

Property Council NSW Executive Director Luke Achterstraat said the further freedoms acquired would be a vital reboot for the economy. 

“It’s great to see normality re-emerging as we head into summer after cold winter, today we have our school kids returning and more people returning to the office as face masks become no longer mandatory,” Mr Achterstraat said. 

Mr Achterstraat said the reduced restrictions will bring back confidence in our CBDs.

“We look forward to working with Government on advancing plans for the reactivation of our CBDs. Our CBDs cannot be reactivated until workers back in their offices and breathing life into our cities,” he said.

“Owners of offices have invested heavily into assuring they are COVID-safe and this will play a key role in attracting people back to the city and to public spaces is critical to ensuring Sydney and our other CBDs, the economic powerhouses of the state, are able to once again thrive.”

Mr Achterstraat commended the NSW Government on taking leadership in turbocharging the reopening on the back of high vaccination rates. 

“The NSW Government has shown a strong commitment to bouncing back after a long hard lockdown, with announcements on alfresco dining, Dine and Discover vouchers and an injection of construction in social housing. In conjunction with the return of international students before the new year this will continue to have positive impacts on our markets as confidence returns.”

Mr Achterstraat said collaborative effort was needed.

“With Sydney’s most recent office occupancy data detailing just 4 percent, the lowest since the start of this pandemic, we need a concerted effort from business, people and government to come together to ensure our public spaces and central districts can bounce back,” he said.

“These new freedoms mean our focus needs to be on ensuring confidence in people returning to the CBDs. In the weeks ahead people will be testing the waters on reintegrating with others, and we each have a part to play in ensuring it is a positive and safe experience for everyone.

Mr Achterstraat highlighted the important role vaccination has played in this safe reopening and recognised the importance in a reopening that is safe and follows the health advice to ensure we reopen safely and can stay open once and for all.

"Businesses and industry implore the need for a smooth and permanent reopening to ensure confidence and jobs, and we welcome the Premier’s confidence that lockdowns of this nature will not be required in future,” he said.

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