Final Pyrmont Peninsula Strategy welcomed as Sydney evolves as a global city

The Property Council of Australia has today welcomed the NSW Government’s release of the final Pyrmont Peninsula Place Strategy and the commitment to delivering the infrastructure needed to support the whole precinct.

“The announcement today is a positive step forward in shaping our city for the future and ensuring Sydney continues to evolve as a leading global city. This strategy provides further clarity around the continued investment in the Pyrmont Peninsula and the vision moving forward,” said NSW Executive Director, Jane Fitzgerald today.

“The announcement of a new metro station will increase transport links to and from the precinct as well providing vital infrastructure to connect key areas of the city, building on the major investment into transport the NSW Government has made in the last few years.

“The commitment to supporting iconic buildings such as a six star hotel in the precinct, alongside uninterrupted open public spaces will continue to shape our city into the future, and support tourism in Sydney which is a smart investment at a critical time.

“We welcome the commitment by the government to continue working closely with the industry and business in finalising the design and location of the station, and we look forward to working on the development of master plans for each of the Peninsula’s subprecincts and the details associated with development in these areas.”

Read more on the strategy and the new Metro Station for Pyrmont here.

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