Property Council Congratulates Re-elected Berejiklian Government

The Property Council of Australia today congratulated Premier Gladys Berejiklian and the Coalition Government on being re-elected to govern New South Wales for the next four years.

“After what was a hard-fought campaign, we look forward to working closely with the re-elected Berejiklian Government on the key issues that will make NSW a stronger, more liveable and forward-looking State,” Property Council NSW Executive Director Jane Fitzgerald said today.

“The Premier clearly won the support of the community though a focus on investing in key infrastructure - transport, schools and hospitals in particular.  We look forward to working with her and her incoming ministry on how to support our growing population and ensure that as a State, we grow well.

Ms Fitzgerald said the Premier now has an opportunity to continue the strong investment in infrastructure with a focus on the right social infrastructure and transport links to support our growing State. 

“Tomorrow’s NSW will only be great if we make the right choices now and this must be a central focus for the re-elected Berejiklian Government. Choices that focus on how to grow Sydney well, improve the timely delivery of social infrastructure and engage communities in genuine dialogue about how to grow their suburb, town or city.

We look forward to working with the Berejiklian Government over the next four years to ensure NSW is a strong, prosperous and liveable State.

Ms Fitzgerald said she also congratulated Michael Daley and the Labor team for the vigour with which they approached the campaign.

“The Property Council of Australia looks forward to engaging with all new and re-elected members of the NSW Parliament about the future of the great state of NSW.”

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