NSW Election 2019: Focus must be on delivering plans for good growth

Sydney’s growth and development means it is critical that we make the right choices now to ensure we create a sustainable and livable future while securing economic and job growth according to the Property Council of Australia.

By 2050 Sydney’s population will be about 8 million and growing and these people will need homes, jobs, schools, hospitals and recreational space –consistent, long term planning is required to ensure we meet this demand.

Sydney is a ‘contender’ city, prominent against global benchmarks relative to its size and economic role however has underperformed in areas that are increasingly valued in global benchmarks and has suffered from decades of under investment in strategic planning, urbanisation and infrastructure.

“Tomorrow’s Sydney will only be great if we make the right choices now and this must be a central focus for a future State Government. Choices that focus on how to grow Sydney well, improve the timely delivery of social infrastructure and engage communities in genuine dialogue about how to grow their suburb, town or city well,” Property Council NSW Executive Director Jane Fitzgerald said today.

“To ensure Sydney is a great global city we need to focus on managing that success by dealing with unaffordability and congestion, deliver the Greater Sydney Commission’s 30-minute, polycentric vision and improve amenity and livability by focusing on creating great places.

“Tough decisions may need to be made, decisions that our political leaders stick to long term.”

A key aspect of the Property Council’s election platform is to hold a Good Growth Summit within 100 days of the March 2019 election so communities, industry and government collaborate more strongly on how to make Sydney 2050 sustainable and liveable.

“The Property Council is proud to be a member of the Good Growth Alliance, a collective of not-for-profit organisations focused on making Sydney 2050 the best it can be through cooperation and shared goals,” Ms Fitzgerald said.

“It’s important that we bring everyone together, regardless of their background or views, to have an evidence led discussion about the key issues concerning our city’s future.”

To download the Property Council’s 2019 NSW State Election Platform, Six Steps to a More Liveable, Affordable and Prosperous NSW click here.


  • Hold a Good Growth Summit within 100 days of the March 2019 election so communities, industry and government collaborate more strongly on how to make Sydney 2050 sustainable and liveable.
  • Speed up the implementation of the Greater Sydney Commission’s (GSC) plans and give the GSC teeth so its objectives and targets are translated into local environmental plans by the end of 2019.
  • Publish an implementation schedule for the Western Sydney City Deal initiatives as well as quarterly updates on progress.
  • Expand growth infrastructure compacts and investigate business improvement districts, to realise a 30-minute city and support increased urbanisation. 
  • Work with the City of Sydney to finalise and implement a long-term plan for the CBD that ensures enough office space is delivered, design and development controls are optimised, and quality development is delivered in a timely fashion. 
  • Unlock serviced employment land in Western Sydney to encourage investment, provide local jobs and reduce the cost of goods through more efficient supply chains. 


The Property Council’s election platform consists of six steps and over 30 recommendations which outlines a strategy that will ensure NSW is on the right track to create liveable communities, affordable homes and continue to deliver economic growth and jobs.

The six steps are:

  • Create tomorrow’s Sydney by delivering on our State’s Plans for good growth and high amenity;
  • Fix the NSW planning system to complement the strategic vision that has already been delivered;
  • Accelerate the supply and diversity of housing to help improve affordability and lower the cost of living;
  • Step up evidence-based infrastructure investment to reduce congestion and support growing communities;
  • Reduce fees, taxes and charges to boost investment and economic growth and create more jobs; and
  • Support our regions to grow their unique characteristics, attract jobs and increase investment.


Media Contact: William Power – 0429 210 982