New plan needed for Sydenham to Bankstown

The announcement that the Sydenham-to-Bankstown Urban Renewal Strategy has been shelved in favour of a new approach in partnership with local government means a new plan and timeframe for finalising a vision for the corridor is needed.

The Urban Renewal Strategy was to provide 6000 new homes close to the Bankstown, Campsie and Marrickville station precincts to ease congestion, provide new retail and commercial opportunities and devote space to community services and creative industries.

 “The decision by the Government to shelve the Strategy means we need a new plan; one that provides enough homes for our growing population, jobs for local people and appropriate local infrastructure within a clear and achievable timeframe,” Property Council NSW Executive Director Jane Fitzgerald said today.

“This will be a major challenge for local government given how out of date some of the local planning instruments are; the Marrickville LEP has been in place since 2011.

“The inner west of Sydney will grow by another 51,800 people by 2036, (28.7 per cent) according to State Government figures and the area already faces rental and housing affordability issues.

“The local planning instruments need to be urgently updated to ensure enough housing and associated infrastructure can be provided to accommodate the needs of the community and surrounding areas – good long-term planning is the key.

“The Greater Sydney Commission’s plans provide a roadmap that all levels of government must commit to following – we have the plans, now we need to implement them.

 “We know that good long-term planning, well informed decisions on infrastructure and sound metropolitan governance are critical to improved liveability.”


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