Landmark City Deal a game changer for Sydney

The announcement today of the ‘real deal’ Western Sydney City Deal by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and eight western Sydney mayors is a game changer for Western Sydney.

The Deal, Australia’s largest and most complex, brings together eight local government areas with the State and Federal Government and sets out a roadmap for growth and development across a large swathe of Western Sydney.

“To arrive at a deal is no easy feat and today’s announcement demonstrates a fair dinkum commitment which, if implemented well, will improve transport, liveability, housing supply and long-term collaboration across Western Sydney,” NSW Executive Director of the Property Council Jane Fitzgerald said today.

“Importantly the plan released today is the bedrock of a ‘real deal’ City Deal, focussed on the future – the economic growth, investment and the educational and technology needs of Sydney’s third city around the new Western Sydney Airport.

“The deal outlines key priorities for housing supply, the new Western Sydney Airport, other infrastructure investment especially in rail and making sure that communities are well serviced and accessible.

“It also provides industry with the confidence to invest; a long-term agreement means all sectors know what government policy is coming over the horizon and can invest accordingly.”

Ms Fitzgerald said the usual practice in Australia had been for every government to fend for themselves with little or no coordination or consistency.

“That’s why the Property Council has championed UK-style city deals as a way to get governments on the same page and working together for the long-term success of a region,” Ms Fitzgerald said.

A major aspect of the deal was the commitment to a North-South rail link to the Western Sydney Airport.

“The investment in rail for the region is important not only to service the new airport but also to develop orbital communities who will need access to the rest of Sydney; these communities will be critical to future housing supply and economic growth and will be established far before the new airport reaches its full capacity,” Ms Fitzgerald continued.

“Importantly for our growing city, the Deal outlines a new planning regime for the City Deal councils with the addition of Blacktown Council, to cut development costs and boost supply.

“The commitment to a new streamlined planning regime in Western Sydney is a significant step in the right direction and it comes with both a governance structure, a new Planning Partnership, as well as additional government funding.”

According to the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC), Sydney needs 725,000 additional homes between 2016 and 2036.

“If we can get planning and delivering houses faster and cheaper in nine local government areas in Western Sydney that will be an important means by which housing supply can be boosted and help achieve the GSC targets.”

Ms Fitzgerald said the Property Council congratulated all parties to the City Deal for bringing the venture to life.

“We now look forward to working closely with the Deal participants on governance and implementation strategies to make sure the potential of today’s announcement is fully realised.”

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