Civic Leadership

The Property Council has questioned why Newcastle City Councillors are blocking the use of $3 million from their Building Better Cities fund to support a 30-unit, inner-city affordable housing project reserved for key workers. Hunter Director, Andrew Fletcher, said that Council’s support for the proposal would be “a statement of civic leadership and an example to other Australian cities.”

 “This is an innovative partnership model between the state, council and community which uses the public land bank to increase the supply of affordable, inner-city housing”

 “And the $3 million is not Council or ratepayers’ money – it is residual funding from an old Commonwealth grant specifically for affordable housing”

 Fletcher said it made no sense for Labor and Greens Councillors to oppose plans that would improve access to affordable housing for people on low to moderate incomes who provide essential services to the community.

“They have offered no explanations – only empty rhetoric”

 “Actively facilitating the supply of affordable inner-city housing would be a powerful way for Councillors to support working people and help shape a sustainable future for the city”

 Despite unprecedented residential construction activity in the City Centre, Fletcher said that demand was still outstripping supply.

 “It makes this type of affordable housing scheme vital for underpinning liveability, productivity and the diversity of our communities”

 “At a national level, Labor and The Greens have serious policy documents on housing affordability, but when it comes to implementation at the local level, they count for nothing”


Media contact:  Andrew Fletcher | M 0407 410 017 | E [email protected]