Property Council says NSW needs Australia’s best planning system

The Baird Government’s announcement of further reform of the State’s planning system was welcomed today by the NSW Executive Director of the Property Council, Jane Fitzgerald.

“Pragmatic planning reform makes sense but we need to focus on the right cures the system needs – we need better strategic planning, less delay and a reduction in costs,” Ms Fitzgerald said.

“NSW still has the most complex planning system in the nation.  We need to seize this opportunity to make sure it has the best.

Ms Fitzgerald said the Property Council congratulated the government on its progress to date but that fixing the flaws in the NSW planning system was still the property industry’s top priority.

“NSW needs a planning system that from top to bottom promotes sustainable development and helps make housing more affordable for families and first home buyers across the state.

“The property industry will strongly support initiatives that reduce the costs in the current system that arise from delay and a lack of certainty.”

On the day of the government’s announcement, almost 700 property industry professionals will received a comprehensive update from Lucy Turnbull about the Greater Sydney Commission’s (GSC’s) progress to date and the detail of its plans for the next 12 months.

“This week, the GSC held its first official meeting which is terrific news,” Ms Fitzgerald said.

“But, Commissioner Turnbull’s presentation, following on from Minister Stokes’ commitment to more reform this morning, underscores how much still needs to be done so the NSW planning system works as well as it can.

“The property industry is the engine room of the NSW economy delivering jobs, strong communities and prosperity and a planning system that turbocharges housing supply is a much needed solution to the affordable housing problem.”

Ms Fitzgerald said that in the Sydney housing market there is a looming housing deficit of 190,000 homes.

“That’s why making sure that Councils approve development applications quickly, that infrastructure contributions are consistently and fairly applied and that red tape continues to be reduced should all be priorities for reform.

Media contact: Jane Fitzgerald | [email protected] | 0419 257 835