Louise Mason elected NSW President

The Property Council has appointed Louise Mason - AMP Capital’s Chief Operating Officer, Property - as its new NSW President.

Ms Mason has over 25 years’ experience in the property industry – including roles across development, retail, office and industrial asset management. In her current role as Chief Operating Officer, Property, she sits across a portfolio of over $19 billion including some of the country’s premier commercial, retail and industrial assets.

Her elevation to the position of President follows the completion of three years in the role by Mirvac’s Head of Cities and Urban Renewal, David Rolls.

"It’s an exciting time to take the helm, with NSW and Sydney on the cusp of a new era of prosperity if we continue to make the right policy choices," Ms Mason said.

"The focus on infrastructure investment, delivery of a Greater Sydney Commission and council reform is ensuring Sydney becomes a truly global city.

“We will continue to make the case for more efficient and investment-friendly planning and tax systems, which will only benefit New South Wales.

“I want to continue mobilising our members and increase advocacy resources to prove how crucial property is to building jobs, prosperity and strong communities.”

The Property Council’s Chief of Policy and Housing, and former NSW Executive Director, Glenn Byres also praised the Immediate Past President, David Rolls, for his contribution.

“David’s three years were marked by a step-change in the success of our public advocacy and securing policy reforms and we are deeply grateful for his efforts, counsel and guidance,” Mr Byres said.

“Asset recycling became the norm in NSW, local government reform is on the march, the Housing Acceleration Fund is delivering results and strata reform is done.

"These are among the long list of achievements secured on his watch because he kept the organisation focused on the policy, advocacy and services needed to benefit the state and the industry.”

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