The Property Council of Australia says those Newcastle Councillors who last night voted to send UrbanGrowth NSW’s plans to the next round of community consultation have displayed historic civic leadership.

Hunter Director, Andrew Fletcher, said it was essential that delivery of the light rail network be synchronised with new north-south connections, public domain upgrades and job creation along the old heavy rail corridor.

“We need those things to work hand-in-glove for a truly connected and liveable city.”

He said the Council resolution would also send a strong signal to the market that Newcastle was open for business.

“Council has now voted to maintain momentum on the city’s transformation program and keep the investment pipeline flowing.”

Fletcher also said the conditions that came with Council’s approval were sensible.

He said the recommendations which came from Council staff and were ultimately adopted by Council reflected long standing industry policy.

“We are in furious agreement with Council on how to improve the plan with more open space, better public amenity and fewer developable sites.”

He also said it was right for Council to keep the pressure up on an update to the regional transport plan.

“The operator of Transport for Newcastle will need to be involved in that process, but it makes sense to fast-track projects like the parking strategy now.”

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