Confusion Reigns

The Property Council’s Hunter Director, Andrew Fletcher, has responded to Newcastle MP Tim Crakanthorp’s latest pitch on East End building heights, describing them as “misguided and designed to create uncertainty”.

Despite a long process of consultation which saw building heights on the UrbanGrowth NSW/GPT East End development slashed and the plan’s final approval welcomed by its most vocal critic, the Newcastle Inner City Residents Alliance, Mr. Fletcher said the state MP was still wanting to score political points.

“On the one hand, Mr. Crakanthorp is calling on the parliament to decide East End building heights”

“On the other hand, he’s demanding the NSW Planning Minister do the same thing”

“While in practice, what we’ve seen is the local stakeholders work together to resolve their differences and reach a compromise solution.”

“It’s not the job of a state legislature or a Minister to control building heights at the local level – that’s the job of the local government and local community”

“Even more puzzling is why Mr. Crakanthorp doesn’t take the matter into his own hands”

“As a Newcastle City Councilor, he could stand up at the next meeting and propose the height limits be reversed.”

Mr. Fletcher said the MP’s comments demonstrated how confusing the NSW planning system had become.

“Mr. Crakanthorp’s dual role as a state MP and city councilor should give him a unique perspective on these matters, but even he can’t identify the right pathway.”

Ironically, Mr. Crakanthorp’s comments came on the same day that Planning Minister Rob Stokes announced the NSW Government is proposing legislative changes aimed at ensuring confidence and consistency within the planning system.

Mr. Fletcher said the property industry welcomed the NSW Government’s move to build a simpler, modern planning system.

“The last thing the local economy needs is our state MP promoting more complexity in the planning system”

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