Airport is a crucial piece of the puzzle in Western Sydney

The final sign off today for construction to begin on Badgerys’ Creek Airport by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Federal Urban Infrastructure Minister Paul Fletcher marks an important milestone in the development of Western Sydney.

The finalised airport plan provides the certainty needed to pave the way for local investment, jobs growth, and additional infrastructure.

“The finalised airport plan means we should have an airport up and running by 2025 which will be a crucial to encouraging investment in the area and providing the people of Western Sydney better access to key infrastructure and local jobs,” Property Council NSW Executive Director Jane Fitzgerald said today.

“The fact that the airport will be rail ready is an important element – we know the State and Federal Governments are working through rail options for connecting Western Sydney to the airport and the sooner we get this link the better.

“We now need to look at detailed plans for integrated land and transport use for the area surrounding the airport – ensuring key transport corridors are protected, employment lands in the area have the infrastructure they need to provide jobs for the local community and that we are working towards the jobs and housing targets outlined in the Greater Sydney Commission’s District Plans.

“Western Sydney is going through a massive period of growth and we can expect this is continue for many years. In the South West and West Districts alone, we are expecting an annual increase in population of 23,250. We need to look at how the land surrounding the airport can be used to boost jobs to ensure we see a day when there are more people travelling within or to Western Sydney for work than travelling from Western Sydney.

“By forming detailed strategies for integrated land and transport use we can also more easily create a transparent, systematic approach to financing key projects where all three levels of government are on board and we have clearer oversight of the levies and taxes placed on development.

“The Western Sydney City Deal will be important in ensuring all three levels of government are working together and that key infrastructure projects such as the airport can be incorporated into strategies around land use, project financing and job and housing targets.”

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