100 days since creating stronger NSW councils

August marked 100 days since the creation of stronger NSW councils and the milestone demonstrates both the success of the new system and the short sightedness of some councils.

Property Council NSW Executive Director Jane Fitzgerald said today that the new, efficient council structure that created 19 new councils and reduced the number of councils from 42 to 25, has proven successful with strong support from Property Council members.

“Despite doom and gloom predictions, the creation of stronger councils has been successful and we are getting good feedback from members, Ms Fitzgerald said today.

“The stronger councils have reduced red tape and ensured there is a more streamlined and efficient structure for business to engage with local councils which means better community outcomes.

“Each new council has received up to $10 million to meet the costs of merging and up to an additional $15 million to support new investment in community infrastructure – a big win for communities.

“What is disappointing is that some councils see fit to waste rate payers’ money in unnecessary legal battles – it is selfish, unfair and is a foolish attempt at self-preservation” she said today.

“We now have councils with the scale to fund and deliver essential services – to hold up this process with legal battles robs the community of the chance to receive better services.

“The property industry pays almost $6 billion in rates and charges to councils across NSW and more than 70,000 development applications pass through local government annually.

“The Property Council wants to see this money and that of rate payers, used for the benefit of the community, not the self-interest of desperate councils”.

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