Property Council welcomes plan for hard hats and steel caps back in Canberra

The Property Council of Australia has embraced the ACT Governments’ decision to allow a partial recommencement of construction from Friday September 3, subject to the public health situation remaining stable.

Property Council of Australia ACT Executive Director Adina Cirson said the announcement that construction was to be the first industry to reopen, was a step in the right direction for Canberra’s economy and people’s livelihoods.

“We welcome the partial re-opening of construction and recognition of the contribution that our industry makes to the territory,” Ms Cirson said.

“It’s fantastic news that thousands of jobs will be saved, but it is imperative the industry follows the strict new health measures, that our culture of compliance remains and we maintain the strictest adherence to the new requirements. 

“As always, the health and safety of our workers and our community is our number one priority – and never before has that been so important as we prepare to recommence across many sites across the city.”

Ms Cirson said the draft ‘ACT Building and Construction Requirements’ would be released today.

“Police now have the powers to shut down any site that is not following these new requirements, but we are confident that those operating from Friday September 3 will adhere, as no one enjoys the stress of being out of work.

“What we will see is a gradual recommencement of civil construction, new roads and suburban infrastructure. It will also include large scale projects on large footprints, and ACT and Commonwealth projects.  Manufacturing, fabrication and equipment testing necessary for this work also permitted.”

Ms Cirson said density limits would be put in place on all projects – as per the 1 person per 4 square metre rule.

“Under the gradual recommencement the requirements will be strictly enforced. And before the final go ahead will be given a final safety check will be conducted mid next week to ensure the Industry Requirements have been implemented.

“The future of current lockdown conditions beyond September 2 will be considered next week and based on the public health advice at that time. There are business supports in place for smaller operators in construction.”

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