ACT Election 2020: Recovery, Growth and Transformation – the Five Keys to unlocking the Nation’s Capital

The Property Council of Australia has called on the next ACT Government to show strong leadership in setting up Canberra for long term success, and has today launched its ACT Legislative Assembly Election Platform.

Responding to a pandemic-induced recession, ACT Executive Director, Adina Cirson says that the government to be elected in 8 weeks, needs to have a clear plan of action to take Canberra through recovery and onwards to a journey of growth and transformation.

This is the main theme of the Property Council’s 2020 ACT Election Platform, Five Keys to Unlocking the Nation’s Capital.

“The ACT needs to grow over the next 20 years; it is critical that Government uses the right levers to grow our population as well as provide investment opportunities for a global market looking for new opportunities,” Adina Cirson, Property Council ACT Executive Director said.

“We need our government to lead from the front, take the immediate steps to break out of the COVID-19 generated recession, and put Canberra on the path for long term success.

“Infrastructure will be critical in supporting this growth and clear actions will be needed to ensure a strong pipeline of diverse and affordable housing.”

We all love Canberra, but we need to grow up. To become the world’s coolest and most liveable capital – a city that is built for our people which is the thriving and diverse economic heart of our region.  

“We need to embrace our role as the nation's capital and leverage the solid base of investment and employment opportunity that no other Australian city can offer.  

“Now is the time to make the critical decisions that will provide better planned growth and a promising and exciting future for our Capital. The property industry – one of the our big economic engines - stands ready to work with government and our community to deliver it,” Ms Cirson concluded.

To download the Property Council’s 2020 ACT Election Platform, Five Keys to unlocking the Nation’s Capital click here.

Media contact: Adina Cirson, ACT Executive Director | M 0429 579 972 |   E [email protected]